All new Audi A8 video teased before global launch

Audi has launched a video of all new Audi A8 where the A8 self-parking system is focused. The A8 can be parked using the remote key to command for parking.

Audi A8 will have a debut at the Audi summit in Barcelona on July 11, 2017. The fourth generation A8 will rival against the Mercedes S-Class and BMW’s flagship 7series. The all-new Audi A8 will be completely changed in terms of appearance and technology.

Watch the video down below.

The A8 will feature the level 3 self-driving program. ¬†Level 3 is where the car can handle itself in certain situations without any need of the driver’s assistance.

In the video, the interiors can also be seen. The steering wheel has a new two-spoke steering wheel design. A 12.3-inch display ( Audi’s virtual cockpit) can also be seen in the video.


The all new A8 will feature a 48-volt mild-hybrid system. Mild-hybrid systems replace the separate starter motor and generator (commonly referred to as an alternator) by a single, powerful motor-generator. This motor-generator aids the engine during high-load situations and recovers energy under braking. The powertrain options offered would be V-6, V-8, W-12. Rumours say that there is also a sports S-8 version that will be available in the international market later.



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