Hyundai’s new baby SUV KONA gets teased before Global debut.


The Korean Automaker, Hyundai, has teased the KONA SUV in a video showing its exterior design and some key features. KONA is the youngest SUV in the Hyundai family. It follows the same design as the elders in its family, namely Hyundai Tucson and Santa-Fe inherits. In the teaser video, the KONA can be seen as a sub-compact SUV with an aggressive character.


One of the distinctive features of the KONA is the Cascading Grille that is the new identity of Hyundai family. Hyundai is offering on its new baby SUV, modern body styling featuring sleek and sharp edges. The most important and my favourite feature that took all my undivided attention was the HEADS-UP DISPLAY. It shows all the vital driving information such as speed, distance travelled, map, engine stats, etc. It will be the Hyundai’s first production to have this feature. This is really a great leap that Hyundai has taken. The eight-inch projected image with a class-leading luminance of 10,000 candelas per square metre guarantees daytime visibility and supports safe driving.


What does the name KONA mean?

KONA is a district of Hawaii and Hyundai claims the name ‘reflects the island’s energetic image and unique lifestyle.’ It continues the firm’s history of naming its SUVs after geographical locations around the world.


Aniket Kandwal



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